Michael Cross

Michael Cross

I am a theoretical physicist interested in collective, nolinear, and stochastic dynamics of nonequilibrium systems.

Many phenomena in nature and technology depend essentially on their nonequilibrium character - the fact that they are strongly driven by external energy sources away from the quiescent state of thermodynamic equilibrium. Such systems display a fascinating range of new phenomena, such as pattern formation and chaos. I am interested in the basic physics of such nonequilibrium systems and how to exploit the phenomena in experiment and technological applications.

Current projects include: the basic theory of the synchronization of oscillators with disparate frequencies, and the application to arrays of nanomechanical devices; the theory of phase noise in oscillators and how to exploit nonlinearity to reduce phase noise and improve the frequency precision; noise driven rare events in driven nonequilibrium systems; and the extension of these and other questions to the quantum regime.




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