About Us

Welcome to the website of the Condensed Matter Physics Group in the Division of Physics, Math, and Astronomy at Caltech.

Research in the group covers a wide range of physical phenomena and mathematical concepts in both quantum and classical systems. On the quantum side there is interest in topological phases of matter, bulk and low dimensional strongly correlated and/or strongly spin-orbit coupled electronic materials, spin liquids and other magnetic systems, etc. The potential for application of these physical systems and concepts to schemes for quantum computation is a significant focus.

On the classical side there is theoretical research on physical phenomena (e.g. noise, pattern-formation and chaos, etc.) in systems driven far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Nanoscale science, broadly defined, forms a major experimental focus, with both fundamental and applied work on biological systems, chemical sensing, and photonics underway.

More information on our research activities can be found in the faculty listings.