Gil Refael

            Professor of Theoretical Physics

        Condensed Matter Theory

  • Contact info:

164 W. Bridge
MC 149-33
tel.: (626)-395-4705
fax: (626)-683-9060
Gil in an outreach effort
Prof. Refael (left) confronting his past
  • Teaching

Physics 127b: Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena

Caltech physics league

Physics 1a: Section 2
Physics 2a: Waves and quantum mechanics
Physics 127a: Statistical MechanicsPhysics 12b: Introduction to quantum-mechanics
Physics 127c: Dynamics and more critical Phenomena
Physics 129 (1st half): Mathematical methods for physicists
Physics 223c (2nd half): localization in disordered quantum systems

  • Outreach
                Momentum and energy conservation in particle physics (Blair high school, Pasadena CA, January 2008)
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