Caltech  Physics League

Introduction and terms

Fall 2016

Meetings: Mondays, 6pm, E. Bridge 114. 

Oct 10th: space travel

Winter 2016

Organizational meeting: Monday, Jan 11th,  6pm, E. Bridge 114. 

Tentative Topic: Quantum smuggling
Fall 2015

Meetings: Thursdays, 6pm, E. Bridge 114. 

Dec. 3rd: Microwaves

Nov. 19th: Induction cooking

Nov. 12th: Quantum annealing (led by Aidan)
Annealing notes courtesy of Aidan

Nov. 5th: Privacy and quantum computing. Grover's algorithm

Oct. 22nd, 29th: Blinding digital cameras
Notes courtesy of Aidan

Oct. 8th: The age of Drones
Notes: Energy requirements of quadcopters 

Fall 2014

Meetings: Mondays, 6pm, E. Bridge 114. 

Nov. 3rd: Travel to the center of the Earth II - radioactive sphere.
Radioactive-sphere paper

Oct. 27th: Travel to the center of the Earth (or at least to the mantle) I
Dave Stevenson's molten Iron paper

Oct. 20th: NMR
problem: NMR-resolution +solution

Oct. 13th: PET scans

Winter 2014

Meetings: Mondays, 6pm, E. Bridge 114. 
(no meeting on Jan. 20th for MLK)

Feb. 3rd: Vacuum resistance, antenna fields, and energy weapons
assignment (due Feb. 10th): Raytheon's anti-demo weapon

Additional links:

* sensitivity of devices and persons to EM radiation:
* Boeing's EM pulse weapon:

Jan. 27th: Radars and stealth
assignment: longitudinal iron-ball mode

Jan. 9th, 13th: The thing - a vintage eavesdropping devices.
Assignment, due Jan 27th: How to operate a bug from afar

Fall 2013

Meetings: Mondays 6pm at E. Bridge 114.

Dec. 2nd: Roundup of the recent assignments

Nov. 24th: Warp drives
extra stuff:
Alcubierre's paper on warp drives
NASA's Sonny White's paper improving the warp drive
Report on NASA's efforts
Thone-Morris wormholes (recommended!)

Nov. 17th: Fusion
Problem 7: Fusion of Mu-drogen

Nov. 10th: Nuclear-Fission Critical Mass
Problem 6: Critical mass for a diffusive core

Nov. 3rd: Space elevators
Problem 5: Mars elevator design.

Oct. 28th: Balloon assisted launches
Problem 4: Air drag on a rocket.

Oct. 21st: Ion Thrusters
Problem 3: What limits an ion thurster - charge buildup.

Oct. 14th: More on RTG's
Problem 2: Modeling the RTG unit of Cassini.

Oct. 7th: Thermoelectrics and the risky powering space exploration.

Problem 1: Typical Seebeck coefficient, and power extraction.

Spring 2013

Last meeting:  June 2nd, 5:45pm, bridge 114. Featuring: Clockwise-counterclockwise.


May 13th: space debris I - debris size
Question for next meeting:  Could you  think up a theory for the 1/L^2 rule of debris size distribution?