Physics 127b Winter 2015

                  Statistical Physics of interacting systems - critical phenomena





            Gil Refael
            164 W Bridge, 4705

            Office Hours : Friday 2-3pm.



Scott Geraedts
Office Hours :   Tuesday 3-4pm, WB

Scott's Recitation: Monday 5:30-6:30, Downs 107

Thom Bohdanowicz
Office Hours : Wednesday 4-5pm, 227 Annenberg


Syllabus and General Info

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due by Thursday March 19th, 5pm.  

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Lecture Notes

          Week 1 First order phase transitions, Van der Waals equation.
          Week 2 Critical Phenomena and symmetry breaking.
             Week 3 Scaling; Mermin-Wagner Theorem; exact solution of the Ising model in 1d.
             Week 4 Transfer matrices; mean field.

          Week 5 Landau free energy.

          Week 6 Landau free energy example.

          Week 7 Path integral derivation.

          Week 8 Renormalization group.

          Week 9-10 Scaling; fixed points of the Landau theory.



          PS 1 Virial expansion for interacting gases.

          PS 1 Solutions.

          PS 2 Van-der-Waals and liquid-gas transitions, symmetry breaking and the Ising model.

          PS 2 Solutions.

          PS 3 Transfer matrices; mean-field; Landau theory of phase transitions.
          Goldenfeld's 2-2

          PS 3 Solutions.

          PS 4 Landau free energy and renormalization group.

          PS 4 Solutions.

          PS 5 Scaling and 2d RG.


          PS 5 Solutions.

Extra stuff

Liquid-gas critical point videos, and critical opalescence: