Ph 12b – Winter 2013

                  Introduction to Quantum Mechanics





            Gil Refael
            164 W. Bridge, x4705

            Office Hours :  Thursday, 3pm.



Michael Beverland  <>
Section: Wednesday, 3-4pm, Annenberg 243
Office hours: Wednesday, 4-5pm, Annenberg 243

Elena Murchikova <>
Section: Wednesday, 7-8pm, Downs 107
Office hours: Wednesday, 8-9pm, Downs 107


Min-Feng Tu
Simone Surdi

  Final- due Wednesday, March 20th, 5pm.
Instructions (you can download before taking the exam)
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Regarding Mathematica: it is not  needed for the exam - so to keep things even, let's keep it as not allowed.

Course syllabus and details

Lecture Notes

       Jan 8th -  Precursors to quantum mechanics: Black-body and photoelectric effect.
      Jan 10th - Schroedinger eqaution and Gaussian wave packets I.
      Jan 15th - Probability density.
Jan 17th - Probability density in momentum space, uncertainty and measurement.
      Jan 22nd - Wave packets galore.
      Jan 24th - Time independent SE, particle in a box, Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization.
      Jan 29th - Hilbert spaces, operators, Dirac notation, etc.
      Feb 12th-14th - Harmonic Oscillators.
      Feb 18th - delta-function potentials.
      Feb 20th - Rayleigh-Ritz variational method.
      Feb 26th - two-wells bound state.
Feb 28th - Hydrogen atom radial part.
March 5th - Angular momentum commutators.
  March 7th - Angular momentum ladder operators and eigenstates.
  March 12th - Spin-1/2.
      March 14th - EPRparadox and Bell inequalities.    

Lecture video streams
curtesy of the Academic & Research Committee.


     PS1 - Black body and De-Broglie waves.


     PS2 - wave packets and probability density.
      PS2-mma notebook

     PS3 - More dynamics.

      PS3 - solution (analytical part)
      PS3 - mma notebook

   PS4 - Particle in a box.

    PS4 - solution

   PS5 - Harmonic Oscillator.

    PS5 - solution

  PS6 - Potential steps.

     PS6 - solution (analytical part)
      PS6 - mma notebook

  PS7 - bound states and angular momentum.

    PS7 - solution 

  PS8 - Angular momentum.

PS8 - solution 

Midterm - due Tuesday, Feb 12th, 5pm.
Instructions (you can download before taking the exam)
Exam download

Midterm solutions

results: ave=63.5/80   sigma=15/80