Ph 127c – Spring 2016

                  Advanced Statistical Physics




            Gil Refael
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Final exam

   Final exam front page - download any time to see the conditions, e.g., allowed materials.


   Final exam - download when you are ready to being and take the exam. 


    1. Superfluidity.

    2. Vortices and the Kosterlitz-Thouless-Brezhinski transition.

    3. Imaginary time.

    4. Quantum phase transitions.

    5. Bosonization.

    6. Fluctuation-dissipation theorem.

    7. Jarzinski inequality (maybe..) 


Lecture Notes

    Week 1 - Superfluidity, and the Landau critical velocity.         

    Week 2 - Vortex physics.

    Week 3 - Kosterlitz-Thouless transition, and construction of RG flow

    Week 4 - Kosterlitz-Thouless analysis of RG flow. Imaginary time.

    Week 5 - Imaginary time path integral for an harmonic oscillator, and for a double well potential.

    Week 6 - Quantum phase transitions and the dimerized electronic chain.

    Week 7 - Bosonization.

    Week 8 - Interactions and the dimerization transition using bosonization. 

Reference on Bosonization and QPT's: Subir Sachdev, Quantum Phase Transitions.

also: Giamarchi, Quantum physics in one dimension

    Week 9 - Dynamics: Fluctuation dissipation theorem.


    PS 1 - due April 20th before class.   [Sol 1]

    PS 2 - due May 9th before class.   [Sol 2] 

    PS 3 - due May 23rd before class.   [Sol 3]

    PS 4 - due June 1st, noon, Gil's mailbox.    [Sol 4]



           You-tube on helium:



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