Visitor Information

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Arrival from LAX airport
Super Shuttle is a convenient way to get from LAX to your hotel. You can make a reservation online beforehand if you like but it's not necessary. Just outside of the airport there are always Super Shuttle attendants in blue jackets that will assist you with the shuttle. The driver will take you directly to your hotel.

Arrival from Santa Barbara
If you are driving from Santa Barbara, head towards Los Angeles on the 101 freeway. When you are in the vicinity of LA (soon after the 405, somewhere in the North Hollywood/Studio City area) the 101 will divide, with the 134 peeling off to the left (two left lanes). Take the 134 toward Pasadena. For a stretch of several miles, it is a good idea to stay as left as possible since the right lanes either exit or end abruptly. On the 134, you will pass through Glendale and shortly afterwards enter Pasadena. At this point, it is better to be in the center/right lanes. Look for the 210 freeway going east to San Bernardino (NOT San Fernando). Take the 210 east, now keeping to rightmost lanes. You will exit almost immediately onto Lake Street. This is a somewhat challenging part since very shortly after the 134 and 210 merge, one needs to cross several lanes to exit right. If you miss the Lake street exit, just take the next one -- Hill Street. From either exit take a right to head south towards the Caltech area.

Arrival by car to Caltech
If you drive to Caltech you can park in lot 126, just south of California Blvd between Wilson Ave and Arden Rd (see map). The lot sits just below a baseball field. Please purchase a parking pass from the machine located in the corner of the parking structure's first level.

Vagabond Inn to Caltech
Most of our visitors stay at the Vagabond Inn, which is very conveniently located a few blocks north of Caltech. Simply walk south on either Wilson Ave or Michigan Ave and you will run into campus. The condensed matter group resides in West Bridge (building 33 on the map).

From the Athenaeum
If you are staying in the Athenaeum (building 61 on the map) simply walk west to get to the condensed matter group in West Bridge (building 33).