The Lorenz Model - Demonstrations

This sequence of demonstrations leads you through some of the properties of the Lorenz model using Java applets. Many ideas are briefly introduced. They will be investigated in more detail throughout the course.

These are "canned" demonstrations where the appropriate parameter values are chosen for you at the startup. For each demonstration you can, and you should, also explore the behavior on changing various parameters of the equations, simulation, or diagnostics. If you get "lost" in parameter space, simply close and restart the applet. You can find more information on how to use the applets on the following pages (return here by hitting "Back"):


  1. Demonstration 1 - Phase space dynamics (X-Z)
  2. Demonstration 2 - Phase space dynamics (X-Y)
  3. Demonstration 3 - Time series
  4. Demonstration 4 - Power spectrum
  5. Demonstration 5 - Parameter dependence
  6. Demonstration 6 - Poincare section
  7. Demonstration 7 - Return map
  8. Demonstration 8 - Sensitive dependence on initial conditions

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